ICCAE 2024

ICCAE 2024 has been held in Melbourne, Australia during March 14-16, 2024.

Keynote Speakers:    
CC: Prof. Manolya Kavakli, Macquarie University, Australia Prof. Subhas Mukhopadhyay, Macquarie University, Australia Prof. Rajkumar Buyya, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Prof. Saman Halgamuge, University of Melbourne, Australia Prof. Rini Akmeliawati, The University of Adelaide, Australia  
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Excellent presenters of each session:

Session 1-AE131
Combination of Activation Functions within LeNet-5 Framework for Autism Screening
Authors: Kaviya Elakkiya M and Dejey D
Presenters: Kaviya Elakkiya M, Vellore Institute of Technology Chennai, India & Dejey D, Anna University Chennai, India

Session 2-AE134
Fake Obstacle Generation-based Pallet Alignment for Forklifts
Authors: Akhilesh Bhat, Natsuki Kai, Takayuki Suzuki, Takahiro Shiroshima and Hiroshi Yoshida
Presenter: Akhilesh Bhat, NEC Corporation, Japan

Session 3-AE209
Nucleion Segmentation for Breast Cancer Classification
Authors: Vijayshri Chaurasia, Mamta Patankar, Madhu Shandilya, Vivek Patel, Ebtsam Ahmad Siddiqui and Laxmi Kumre
Presenter: Vijayshri Chaurasia, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, India

Session 4-AE020
Early Detection of Depression Using Machine Learning and Social Well-being Survey Data
Authors: Alex Wang, Binh Nguyen, Tom Elliott, James Mbinta, Andrew Sporle and Colin Simpson
Presenter: Alex Wang, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Session 5-AE232
Generating Interaction Behavior During a Dyadic Conversation Using a Diffusion Model
Authors: Yuya Okadome and Yutaka Nakamura
Presenter: Yuya Okadome, Tokyo University of Science, Japan


BIM and VR-based Fire Evacuation and Management System
Authors: Hsiang-En Hsien, Kun-Chi Wang, Wei-Hsiang Hung, Ren-Jie Gao
Presenter: Wei-Hsiang Hung, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

Session 6-AE027
A Decision Support System for Customer Behavior Analysis through Social Media Data Mining
Authors: Zahra Sarmast Hasan Kiadeh, Ethan Nikookar, Sajjad Shokouhyar and Kayvan Aminbeidokhti
Presenter: Sajjad Shokouhyar, Australian Institute of Business, Department of Supply Chain and Operations Management, Australia

Session 7-AE050
Satellite Composite Image based Approach for Flood Forecasting Using a Conditional Latent Model
Authors: Amina Habiboullah and Mohamed El Ghassem
Presenter: Amina Habiboullah, InsightEx, Mauritania

Session 8-AE110
Sub-carrier-User Allocation of Down-link MC-NOMA System with Three Users
Authors: Pawan Gupta and Ashok Kumar
Presenter: Ashok Kumar, National Institute of Technology Hamirpur H.P., India

Session 9-AE104
A Systematic Literature Review of Trust-Aware Shared Control for Human-Robot Collaboration in Construction
Authors: Hao Chen, Isabelle Y.S. Chan
Presenter: Hao Chen, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Session 10-AE074
A Distributed, Self-powered Soil Monitoring Network for Smart Agriculture
Authors: Jianzhi Yang, Yichen Luo, Yixuan Hou, Zihang Wu, Jianxing Li, Yanxue Guo, Yifei Hu, Haotao You, Xiaohui Zhu and Yong Yue
Presenter: Xiaohui Zhu, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

Poster Session 1-AE181
Position and Trajectory Control of a Quadcopter using Optimization Algorithm
Authors: Sanjay Kumar and Lillie Dewan
Presenter: Sanjay Kumar, National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, India

Poster Session 2-AE157
ML powered E-Nose for Liquid Food Classification
Authors: Yash Gupta, Kushal Partani and Madhav Rao
Presenter: Yash Gupta, IIIT Bangalore, India

Online Session 1-AE082
Sarid: Arabic Storyteller Using a Fine-Tuned LLM and Text-to-Image Generation
Authors: Maria Alabdulrahman, Renad Khayyat, Kawthar Almowallad and Zahra Alharz
Presenter: Maria Alabdulrahman, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

Online Session 2-AE058
Robotic-vision Material Handling System with a Centralized Programmable Logic Controller and Human Machine Interface
Authors: Ujwal Goulikar, Srija Gummadi, Karthik Rao Racharla, Anjani Deeksha Muddasani and Nathir Rawashdeh
Presenter: Ujwal Goulikar, Michigan Technological University, United States

Online Session 3-AE203
A Standing Support Arm Design for Robotic Wheelchairs Using PPO-based RL Strategy
Author: Daifeng Wang
Presenter: Daifeng Wang, Waseda University, Japan

Online Session 4-AE332
HoloGrad – A Holographic Health Information Platform for Patient Education
Authors: Hossein Miri,SUY, S, CHAN–BORMEI
Presenter: Hossein Miri, CMKL, Thailand