ICCAE 2023

ICCAE 2023 has been held in Sydney, Australia during March 3-5, 2023 in hybrid format.

Keynote Speakers:    
CC: Prof. Manolya Kavakli, Macquarie University, Australia Prof. Anouck Girard, University of Michigan, USA Prof. Hideo Saito, Keio University, Japan
Prof. Dinesh Manocha, ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow, AAAI Fellow, AAAS Fellow, University of Maryland, USA Prof. Chia-Feng Juang, Distinguished Professor, IEEE Fellow, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan Prof. Peter X. Liu, IEEE Fellow, EIC Fellow, Carleton University, Canada
Prof. Haibin Zhu, Nipissing University, Canada Prof. Carla Seatzu, University of Cagliari, Italy Prof. Liuping Wang, RMIT University, Australia
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Excellent presenters of each session:

Onsite Session 1: RE150
Las Piñas Flood Monitoring System with Alternate Route using Bayesian Network via Mobile Application
Romnick Cartusiano and Febus Reidj Cruz
Presenter: Romnick Cartusiano, Mapua University, Philippines

Onsite Session 2: RE025 & RE012
YOLOv7 for Face Mask Identification based on Deep Learning
Christine Dewi, Abbott Po Shun Chen, Henoch July Christanto
Presenter: Christine Dewi, Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia

Age Range Classification Through Facial Recognition Using Keras Model
April D. Logronio; Rona Christine Reyes; Noel B. Linsangan
Presenter: Rona Christine Reyes, Mapua University, Philippines

Onsite Session 3: RE041
FireBot - An Autonomous Surveillance Robot for Fire Prevention, Early Detection and Extinguishing
Josip Balen, Davor Damjanovic, Petar Maric, Kresimir Vdovjak, Matej Arlovic, and Goran Martinovic
Presenter: Josip Balen & Davor Damjanovic, Computer Science and Information Technology in Osijek, Croatia

Onsite Session 4: RE022
Level-Set Method for Limited-Data Reconstruction in CT Using Dictionary-Based Compressed Sensing
Haytham A. Ali, Hiroyuki Kudo
Presenter: Haytham Ashraf Abdelaal Ali, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Onsite Session 5: RE523
A Study of Real-World Information Mapping for Information Sharing Using EdgeDevices
Takenori Hara, Hideo Saito
Presenter: Takenori Hara, Keio University, Japan

Onsite Session 6: RE510
Subjective Study of 3D Mesh Quality Scores in Virtual Reality
Dalia A. Alfarasani, Yu-Kun Lai, And Paul L. Rosin
Presenter: Dalia Alfarasani, Cardiff University, UK

Onsite Session 7: RE511-A & RE163
Embodiment of an Unnatural Avatar studied in VRChat Laboratory
Harin Hapuarachchi, Hiroki Ishimoto, Yuki Kato and Michiteru Kitazaki
Presenter: Harin Hapuarachchi, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan

SkillRec: A Data-Driven Approach to Job Skill Recommendation for Career Insights
Xiang Qian Ong and Kwan Hui Lim
Presenter: Kwan Hui Lim, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

Onsite Session 8: RE115
Sensor management for localisation of an evasive target: The benefits of game theory
Branko Ristic, Alex Skvortsov, Sanjeev Arulampalam and Du Yong Kim
Presenter: Du Yong Kim, RMIT University, Australia

Online Seesion 1: RE122
A CNN Transfer Learning- Electrocardiogram(ECG) Signal Processing Approach to Predict COVID-19
John Irungu, Timothy Oladunni, Max Denis, Esther Ososanya, Ruth Muriithi
Presenter: John Irungu, The University of the District of Columbia, United States

Online Seesion 2: RE076
Augmented Reality Campus Exploration Application Incorporating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Pranshi Jindal, Andrew J. Park, Eunju Hwang
Presenter: Pranshi Jindal, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Online Seesion 3: RE133 & RE174
Investigating the role of PTEN and P53 in Autism: Design of A Mutant Information Prediction System (MIPS)
Shomona Gracia Jacob, Bensujin Bennet, Majdi Mohammed Said Bait Ali Sulaiman
Presenter: Shomona Gracia Jacob, University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman

Bioacoustics signal classification using hybrid feature space with machine learning Usman Haider, Muhammad Hanif, Parajuli Laxmi Kumar, Hiroki Kobayashi,
Daisuke Shimotoku, Ahmar Rashid and Sonia Safeer
Presenter: Usman Haider, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

Online Seesion 4: RE509 & RE139
Integrating Mid-Air Gestures into a Virtual Reality Application: A Methodological Approach
Lisa Graichen, Matthias Graichen, Jacko Nudzor
Presenter: Lisa Graichen, TU Berlin, Germany

Motion intention estimation of finger motions with spatial variations of HD EMG signals
D.S.V Bandara, Chongzaijiao He and Jumpei Arata
Presenter: D.S.V Bandara, Kyushu University, Japan

Online Seesion 5: RE137
Greenhouse Networked Control System Design Methodology to Minimize Cost & Downtime
Mohammed A. Ba Humaish, Tarek K. Refaat, Hassanein H. Amer, Hassan M.F. El-Menier, Ramez M. Daoud, Nora A. Ali
Presenter: Mohammed A. Ba Humaish, American University in Cairo, Egypt

Online Seesion 6: RE117
Application of Earthworm Algorithm in Battery Size Optimization and Load Schedule of PV-BESS for Residential Houses
Raymart A. Naces, Carol Joy M. Tejada, & Conrado F. Ostia Jr.
Presenter: Raymart A. Naces & Carol Joy M. Tejada, Mapua University, Philippines