To promote young & upcoming scientists, will have 1 award, for oral presentations. In brief, the guidelines are as follows:

Oral Presentations Awards

  1. The entrant must be registered for the conference and must be the presenter of his/her talk in any of the assigned session
  2. The work must represent original research completed and presented by the entrant
  3. Acceptance of an abstract for presentation is independent of acceptance as a competition finalist
  4. Entrants who are eligible and chosen for this competition will be notified in advance of the event

Judging Process
•    All entries submitted will be reviewed by the Award Committee
•    Eligible entrants will be selected and judged by a panel of judges during oral paper sessions. 

Judging Criteria
•    Scientific Merit of the Research: Scientifically sound and novel
•    Oral Presentation: Clarity, creativeness, ability to answer questions  

Top winners of the two categories will receive certificates.